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Cover image of three researchers sitting on a bird mound with oil rigs in the background
AGC 23-02 Data Report: Natural Ice-Rich Permafrost Observatory, Prudhoe Bay Alaska: 2022 Field Activities
Walker, D.A., Bergstedt, H., Breen, A.L., Daanen, R.P., Hobgood, O., Jones, B.M., Kade, A., Kanevskiy, M. ... Witharana, C. Read the report

Figures from AGC 23-01 data report
Permafrost & remote-sensing studies: 2022 Field Report for Point Lay Alaska
Connor, B.G, Jones, B.M., Kanevskiy, M., Nicolsky, D.J., Peirce, J.L., Romanovsky, V.E. & Shur, Y.L. Read the report

The NIRPO research site. The observatory includes a wide variety of landforms typical of ice-rich permafrost landscapes in the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, including: flat-centered ice-wedge polygons with degraded ice-wedges and thermokarst ponds (left), credit: Jana Peirce; and small bird mounds with rich plant communities (right), credit: Amy Breen.
New Observatory Supports Broader Understanding of Climate-Change and Infrastructure Impacts to Ice-Rich Permafrost Systems.
ARCUS Witness Community Highlights, 30 January 2023
Walker, D.A.

Cover image from AGC 22-01 data report showing thermokarst terrain background photo and nine inset photos of researchers
2020-2021 NNA-IRPS Data Report: Observations in ice-rich permafrost systems, Prudhoe Bay Alaska, 2020-21
Walker, D.A., Kanevskiy, M., Breen, A.L., Kade, A., Daanen, R.P., Jones, B.M., Nicolsky, D.J., Bergstedt, H., Watson-Cook, E. & Peirce, J.L. Read the report

A home in Point Lay that is affected by ice-wedge thermokarst. Credit Benjamin Jones
Point Lay Permafrost: Infrastructure and Permafrost Degradation in Point Lay, Alaska.
ARCUS Witness Community Highlights, 27 September 2022
Jones, B.M., Peirce, J.L., Connor, B., Kanevskiy, M., Shur, Y., Curry, T., Bolz, P. & Tracey, B.

Trails left by the Icewine seismic survey in spring 2018, courtesy: Heather Buelow
Cumulative impacts of a gravel road and climate change in an ice-wedge polygon landscape, Prudhoe Bay, AK.
Actic Science, 2 March 2022
doi: 10.1139/as-2021-0014 (open access)
Walker, D.A., Raynolds, M.K., Kanevskiy, M.Z., Shur, Y.S., Romanovsky, V.E., Jones, B.M., Buchhorn, M., Jorgenson, M.T., ... Peirce, J.L.

AGC-sponsored Workshops

Rapid Transitions due to Climate and Infrastructure (RATIC) Workshops, 2014-2023

Arctic Vegetation Archive & Arctic Vegetation Classification Workshops, 2013-2023

Land-cover Land-use Change Workshops, 2008-2014

More Publications by AGC Researchers & Colleagues

Plant succession on glacial moraines in the Arctic Brooks Range along a >125,000-year glacial chronosequence/toposequence
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 2023 (open access)
Kasanke, S.A., Walker, D.A., Chapin, F.S., III, & Mann, D.H.

Thermokarst-Pond Plant Community Characteristics and Effects on Ice-Wedge Degradation in the Prudhoe Bay Region, Alaska
M.S. Thesis, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2022
ProQuest (open access)
Watson-Cook, E.

The spatial and temporal influence of infrastructure and road dust on seasonal snowmelt, vegetation productivity, and early season surface water cover in the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield
Arctic Science, 2022 (open access)
Bergstedt, H., Jones, B.M., Walker, D.A., Peirce, J.L., Bartsch, A., Pointner, G., Kanevskiy, M., Raynolds, M.K. & Buchhorn, M.

Rapid transformation of tundra ecosystems from ice-wedge degradation
Global and Planetary Change, 216, 2022
Jorgenson, M.T., Kanevskiy, M.Z., Jorgenson, J.C., Liljedahl, A., Shur, Y., Epstein, H., Kent, K., Griffin, C.G., ... Jones, B.M.

The shifting mosaic of ice-wedge degradation and stabilization in response to infrastructure and climate change, Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska
Arctic Science, 2022 (open access)
Kanevskiy, M., Shur, Y., Walker, D.A. (Skip), Jorgenson, T., Raynolds, M.K., Peirce, J.L., Jones, B.M., Buchhorn, M., ... Watson-Cook, E.

The Yedoma Permafrost Genesis: Over 150 Years of Mystery and Controversy
Frontiers in Earth Science, 2022 (open access)
Shur, Y., Fortier, F., Jorgenson, M.T., Kanevskiy, M., Schirrmeister, L., Strauss, J., Vasiliev, A. & Jones, M.W.

Lake and drained lake basin systems in lowland permafrost regions
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 2022
Jones, B.M., Grosse, G., Pascale, R-L., Veremeeva, A., Kanevskiy, M.Z. & Gaglioti, B.V.

Raster Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map (Raster CAVM)
Mendeley Data, V2, 2022 | More info
doi:10.17632/c4xj5rv6kv.2 (open access)
Raynolds, M.K., Walker, D.A., Balser, A., Bay, C., Campbell, M., Cherosov, M.M., Daniels, F.J.A., Bronken Eidsen, P., ... Troeva, E.

Seasonal and Long-Term Changes to Active-Layer Temperatures after Tall Shrubland Expansion and Succession in Arctic Tundra
Ecosystems, 2018 (open access)
Frost, G.V., Epstein, H.E., Walker, D.A., Matyshak, G. & Ermokhina, K.

Vegetation on mesic loamy and sandy soils along a 1700-km maritime Euarasia Arctic Transect
Applied Vegetation Science, 2018
doi:10.1111/avsc.12401 (open access)
Walker, D.A., Epstein, H.E., Sibik, J., Bhatt, U., Romanovsky, V.E., Breen, A.L., Chasnikova, S., Daanen, R., ... Timling, I.

Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Classification
Phytocoenologia 48:181-20, 2017
doi:10.1127/phyto/2017/0192 (open access) 
Walker, D.A., Daniëls, F.J.A., Matveyeva, N.V., Šibík, J., Walker, M.D., Breen, A.L., Druckenmiller, L.A., Raynolds, M.K., ... Wirth, L.M.

Degradation and stabilization of ice wedges: Implications for assessing risk of thermokarst in northern Alaska
Geomorphology 297:20-42, 2017 (open access)
Kanevskiy, M., Shur, Y., Jorgensen, T., Brown, D.R.N., Moskalenko, N., Brown, J., Walker, D.A., Raynolds, M.K. & Buchhorn, M.

The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA-AK). Phytocoenologia 46:221-229, 2016 (open access)
Walker, D.A., Breen, A.L., Druckenmiller, L.A., Wirth, L., Fisher, W, Raynolds, M.K, Sibík, J., Walker, M.D., Hennekens, S., ... Zona, D.

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